Name of vehicle: HYUNDAI HD320 PETROL OIL 24M3 TANKER - Euro 4

Brand – Type number: HYUNDAI HD320

Vehicle type: Petrol tank truck

Wheel formula: 8x4

Transporting capacity: 17,760 kg

Total load: 30,000 kg

Tank capacity: 24m3 - Aluminum alloy

Tank size: 8760/8480 x 2415 x 1470 mm

Tank truck dimensions: 12175 x 2500 x 3480 mm

Emission standard: Euro 4

Model: 2018/2019


MODEL HYUNDAI HD320 - Euro4 24M3

Belonging to the 18-tons heavy load line, Hyundai HD320 trucks are imported from Korea with the best quality currently compared to other cars in the segment. Hyundai HD320 has a strong engine, durability and less damage.

Hyundai trucks imported from Korea are always favored by their high quality, durability but very reasonable price. Therefore, the heavy truck Hyundai HD320 is not exception. Hyundai HD320 18-tons 4-leg is a great transport solution for any business or individual to use.

Hyundai HD320 truck - the leading heavy truck in the segment has always satisfied even the most demanding customers. And so far, 18-tons Hyundai HD320 truck has always been in the top choice of many customers nowadays.


Evaluation of truck exterior HYUNDAI HD320


In terms of exterior design, there are still unique designs of the Hyundai brand, most notably the Hyundai brand name and logo right in front of the cabin.


Review HYUNDAI HD320 interior


The interior of Hyundai HD320 truck is very comfortable. Spacious cabin compartment is designed to be most suitable for drivers, bringing the most comfortable feeling when driving, especially when traveling long distances.

Hyundai 18 tons HD320 truck has spacious space with modern equipment and facilities such as:

2-spoke power steering, nodding feature, can be adjusted up and down and tilt to suit the driver's desired position.

Modern design control panel, wood-paneled with luxurious wood, reasonable control buttons, clear functions help drivers handle situations faster.

Driver's seat is designed with air suspension, 8-way electric adjustment to create a very comfortable sitting feeling.

Especially, the car is equipped with a bed that is seamless, spacious and smooth, when needed, can recline immediately.

The dashboard has multi-function LED display along with modern Radio / Bluetooth / USB entertainment system, for high quality sound.

Vehicles are also equipped with large air conditioning.

Other standard equipment of the car interior includes:

  • Trumpet backward
  • Primer knobs
  • 3 point seat belts
  • CD-MP3, AM-FM radio
  • Cooling and heating system
  • Safety door handle inside
  • 2 sun visors for drivers and drivers
  • Electric glass and central door lock
  • The black box stores DRM vehicle activity data


Review car engine HYUNDAI HD320


Hyundai HD320 uses diesel engine D6GA2E 4-stroke 6-cylinder, with turbocharger, producing maximum power of 225Ps, water-cooled, Euro 4 emission standards, environmentally friendly.

The vehicle uses Dymos gearbox type 6 forward and 1 reverse gear, strong chassis system, impressive durability, designed on full steel suspension system. In addition, the car's safety features are also very much equipped such as:

  • Full pneumatic brake system creates the best braking force
  • Anti-lock braking system ABS, anti-skid set with automatic mechanism to adjust braking force
  • Fuel tank cover is fixed by 2 steps of rotation and lock to help prevent fuel spill, creating equipment safety and peace of mind for users.


Evaluation of aluminum alloy tanks of HYUNDAI HD320 truck


Aluminum alloy tanks manufactured according to dot 406 standards from the US - a reputable product, the quality of the imae factory.

  • Tank body made of 5mm thick aluminum alloy.
  • Bulkhead mo, machined from 6mm aluminum alloy.
  • Monolithic cast iron base with 8-16mm thick aluminum alloy.
  • In addition, the car is also equipped with fire protection system, ensuring safety of property and people when there is a fire incident.
  • Has been certified by the Vietnam Register.
  • Tank warranty up to 5 years.
  • Blackmer vane pump system (US technology, made in Shanghai, China), 100% new, 30m3 / h flow - the product is trusted in Petrolimex petrol vehicle system. 1 year warranty. (Including PTO) Safety system - fire protection (powder fire extinguisher 8kg).
  • The emergency closed bottom valve system, ensuring an emergency shutoff when an incident occurs. Completely isolate gasoline in tanks from sources of ignition, ensure safety of property and people in the event of an explosion - Exclusive technology.
  • Steam recovery system in accordance with the regulations of the Registry Department
  • Legal records - Registration:
  • Quality check sheet factory release
  • Certificate of quality of cement cars
  • Certificate of design evaluation

So, what are the advantages of Hyundai HD320 tank truck? Should you buy it?

If the outstanding equipment and design of the Hyundai HD320 truck are not enough to make you decide right here is the car to buy, please invite the driver to see more outstanding advantages of this heavy truck right away:

  • Vehicles meet Euro 4 emissions standards environmentally friendly and maximum fuel economy.
  • The car is also equipped with a series of features including: anti-lock braking ABS, exhaust brake, anti-slippery effect ASR helps the car move well on the roads of passes, slopes.
  • Vehicles can be downloaded to 17.9 tons to suit the transport needs of customers.
  • Imported vehicles should ensure the components and parts are of absolute quality compared to locally assembled models.
  • Although the car is imported, Hd320 has a reasonable price, in line with the needs of Vietnamese people.

The HYUNDAI HD320 truck has a full range of tank versions to Satisfy all customers' transportation needs:

  • Hyundai New Mighty 110s tankers carrying petrol
  • Hyundai New Mighty 110s tankers with chemicals
  • Hyundai New Mighty 110s tankers carrying bran
  • Hyundai New Mighty 110s tank truck carrying milk
  • Hyundai New Mighty 110s loose barrel
  • Hyundai New Mighty 110s  refrigerated trucks.


  • Advice and support to buy specialized aluminum alloy tank.
  • Simple and quick procedure, quick processing time, nationwide support.
  • Commitment to the best product - the most reasonable price market.
  • Registration, registration, numbering frames, number plates…
  • Available cars, all models, delivered immediately.
  • Designed tanks manufactured by the IMAE factory


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