Maintenance of tank trucks at IMAE JSC

Maintenance, replacement parts and materials periodically is a necessary job to ensure the tank truck high durable, always works stably and make us always feel secure when using. The following article will list a number of items that need periodic maintenance according to the kilometers traveled by cars. However, it should be noted that each manufacturer has specific requirements. So don’t forget to refer to the information in the manual concomitant the vehicle.


After 5000 km:

Usually we will do car maintenance every 5000 km, The job you need to do for each of these maintenance is to replace the machinery oil, clean the engine air filter and air conditioner filter. Usually you do not need to change the machinery oil every 5000 km, unless the vehicle regularly operates in extreme conditions. But after the first 5000 km, you should change the machinery oil because it can get metal scrap. Then You can change it every 10,000 kilometers. Besides if more careful, You should ask the technician to check the level oil, gear oil, cooling water, windshield washer water, … and add more if there is a shortage.





After 15,000 km:

In this second machinery oil change you should also replace the oil filter. The oil filter is responsible for retaining the dirt, helps engine lubricated with clean oil and always works well. Experts recommend that the oil filter be replaced at the same time as changing it, after every 10,000 km. Besides, at this timeline you should also turn the tire if necessary, and then continue turning the tires every 10,000 km.



After 30,000 km:

After 30,000 km, the air filter and air conditioner filter will be dirty and stuffy, affect the operation of the engine and your health. You need to change the engine air filter and air conditioner periodically after 30,000 km to the engine work smoothly and save more fuel at the same time help the air conditioning system work well and protect your health.



Check regularly:

In addition to the periodic inspection items, There are also parts, systems on the car that you need to check regularly or check every time you use the car to make sure the car is always in the best condition. Parts that need regular checking include: Brake system, steering system, suspension, lighting system, dashboard warning lights, tires, batteries,…

Brake system: Check the status of brake pedal stability, brake pads wear, brake pads, brake noise, brake hose.

Check the brakes system regularly.

Check the steering system: Check the status of steering light gently, stable when driving.

Check power oil and sensitivity, the smoothness of the steering regularly.

Check the suspension: check the damping condition (forks), springs, rubber, ... assembled firmly, without loosening.

https://static.danhgiaxe.com/data/201529/ht-treo_4598.jpg Check the forks, springs, and rubber of the suspension

Check the lighting system: Check by turning on the switch to control lights and signal lights on your car and visually check whether all lights are working normally or not.

https://static.danhgiaxe.com/data/201529/68616767_3288.jpg Check your car's lighting system regularly

Check the warning lights on the dashboard: When turning on the switch, all the warning lights must turn off after 30-60 seconds, the lights will turn off slowly depending on the system of the system and when you start the machine, all these warning lights must be turned off. If there are any indicator lights on the system, indicate that the system in your vehicle is having trouble.

Check the warning lights on the dashboard to identify the status of car systems.

You need to check the tire wear by looking for tire wear marks, tire pressure, tire wear, etc.It is recommended to check the standard tire pressure once a month.



Regularly check tire wear and pressure

Battery: You need to check the battery regularly once a month or before each car use. Make sure the piles are clean and tightened. For batteries with solution, ensure the solution level is up to standards.



Clean the battery regularly, ensuring that the piles are always tightened.

In addition, you should regularly check the cooling water, glass washing water and adding if missing.




Tank trucks as well as any other vehicles, over time using and working, they wear out the details, reduce the quality of the solution of the systems on the vehicle. Nothing is permanent and not damaged, especially for trucks, their working process is continuous and harsh so it is necessary to ensure the safety and quality during the operation process.

Depending on the manufacturer, car maintenance cycle will be different. Usually the maintenance cycle should be done every 10,000km or 6 months whichever comes first.


(If arise costs maintenance staff will notify customers)

The items of periodic maintenance work and specific maintenance period are specified in the "Instruction manual", "Warranty manual". Here are some typical tasks:

  1. Replace the oil and filter the oil
  2. Check and clean the engine air filter
  3. Check air conditioner filter
  4. Check brake
  5. Check gasoline filter, gearbox lubricant level, coolant level, brake fluid, glass washer ...
  6. Check alloy tank (inside, outside) tank body and chassis

Besides the jobs listed above, it depends on different maintenance levels. IMAE will follow the status of each tanker line to provide detailed information to customers.

Please contact the hotline for more information.